Haverfords Aviation was founded in January 2021 by Peter Verrinder a former Aircraft Engineer and Sales Manager. Throughout his whole life he has been surrounded by Helicopters and Jets because of his father’s work. Aircraft have always been large part of Peters life.

With all this exposure Haverfords successfully meet the clients requirements through every step of the transaction process. They have a clear understanding of the expectations and needs of customers and although each one is different, they all expect trust, reliability and confidentiality which are paramount. Situated only two miles from London Gatwick Airport Haverfords are perfectly placed to travel nationally or internationally as well as receive their clients and take them in comfort and ease throughout the UK.

Haverfords Aviation have a comprehensive knowledge of the marketplace so whether it is a Private Jet or Helicopter you require Haverfords understand the customers demands exactly.

Peter Verrinder

CEO & Founder

Haverfords Aviation wants to provide the expertise and solutions you need from the second you start looking for a machine fulfilling your requirements and expectations with ease and confidents from start to finish so when the time comes to change, upgrade, or sell Haverfords will be your first point of contact.
Haverfords plan is to keep setting goals of achievement for the long term and continue to grow in the industry providing every aspect you as a buyer would need. We will push forward and upgrade our skill sets so we can compete with the big companies in this competitive sector.
Mission: A set of tasks, a purpose or duty, or an assignment set by oneself. Haverfords mission is provide a clear and clean operation with the best professional practices, satisfying ALL the clients needs and requirements whilst hitting our goals.